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So the Gingerbread House Didn’t Get Made

I opened the Wilton Gingerbread House Kit and read the instructions with dismay. I would have to mix the icing stuff and keep it moist. I would have to set up the sides and then let them set for an hour. Set the roof and let it set 2-3 hours before the house can be decorated. Um…..

This did not meet my expectations.

I’ve never done a gingerbread house before. It overwhelmed me. I’m not a baker, I’m not crafty and I don’t enjoy this kind of thing. But this year I thought, I’ll get a kit–everything is ready to go, I would just build the actual structure and then let the kids have at it. Only not so much.

Given the to do list below, most of which actually got accomplished, the gingerbread house got pushed to the bottom as not actually NEEDING to get done today like most everything else. And I want to point out to all the people who read this blog that I, Tina, MADE MASHED POTATOES AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE LUMPS.

Stop, stop, you’re too kind! Thank you for the applause.

Both the cake and the mashed potatoes are out in the van ready for tomorrow. Because it’s snowing and I don’t think we’re in any danger of them going bad. They are in insulated containers, so I’m not really worried about freezing either.

Can I say, just for the record, that I’m tired? This was, for me, a pretty long and full day. Oh, and the McDonald’s was good, too. 😀


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