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An Email Conversation

(Mrs. Wooten is Catie’s kindergarten teacher. This was our email conversation today.)

Hi Tina!

I just love Catie! She just gave us an educational talking to. Some kid said, “God” in a way that you or I wouldn’t use His name….and she told us the whole story as to why he shouldn’t do that!

Way to go, Catie!!!!


We had that talk just a few days ago when someone on TV did the exact same thing. I paused the TV and had my own educational talking time. I’m so glad it “stuck”!

Way to go, MOM!

What exactly did she say to the boy?

Well, she told the “WHOLE” class. I can’t remember her exact words, but it was something about… it’s not nice saying God’s name in that way. My mom told me that it’s not a nice word to say. Then it lead into a discussion about being “vain”. Like I said, can’t remember the exact words but that is the idea!
:::end conversation:::

Isn’t that awesome? Can I just say that I’m thrilled with my daughter?! I love that 1) I took the time to explain to them how much it hurts God’s heart when we don’t say His name the right way and 2) that Catie took it to heart and it made a difference to her and 3) that she was willing to stand up for what she knew was right?!

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