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Digital Video Recording. This, folks, is AWESOME. I fought my husband on getting it, because, well, I’m cheap. Let’s be honest. But for the first year of DirecTV, we got a great deal, so we went with it.


No more tapes, no more forgetting to set the VCR or tape over something else…nope. It can tape every new episode of House for me, so I can watch at my leisure (and fast forward through the commercials). Bliss.

The only downfall I have come across is taping so much stuff and then never getting around to actually watching it. So I’m playing catch up this week. In between laundry loads, I’ve watched Becoming Jane (totally worth it!), Raising Waylon (Lifetime…so so), Recipe for Success (Lifetime, so so), Bella (VERY good!), and still have The Pursuit of Happyness and Fantastic Four II to watch. And five episodes of Star Trek Voyager that is on at 1am for some odd reason. But hey, since I can watch it at 2:30 in the afternoon while folding darks, who really cares?

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