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Dunkin Donuts I’m Sorry

For every mean thing I ever said about you. I had a caramel cappuccino today and it was simply marvelous! And a LOT cheaper than you-know-who! I’ll be coming back soon, my new BFF….

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Can I Just Say…

That I LOVE shopping without children? I left the house at about 10 this morning and got back around 3:25. I pretty much finished the kids’ Christmas stuff at Toys R Us, and then did some stuff for me and Jim at Target, then headed to the local “scratch and dent” grocery store and then to the Goodwill for two tops for me, two pair of pants for the boys and a sweater for Laura, all for under $20 total. LOVE that place!

Then it was homework with the kids, dinner and out the door again for worship practice. I’m pretty beat tonight!

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Menu Planning Monday

My to-do list is a mile long and my creative juices haven’t started flowing yet. I haven’t even had breakfast yet! (It’s 9:15 I’m getting a late start with the food today!). But I have a blog entry ready to go BECAUSE THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!

If Saturday’s meal works out well, I will post the recipe. Last time I had such high hopes for that curry, but you’ll note I didn’t post it! 😀

M Ham and Potato Soup
T Kielbasa, mac’n’cheese, carrots
W French Toast, fruit
R Fajitas
F Di Giorno Pizza
S Moroccan Chicken Stew in the Crock-Pot
S Pork Stir Fry

What’s on YOUR menu this week?

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Planning Ahead

Have I mentioned that I’m a planner? Yes, I’m sure I have. Because it’s very closet to being a sickness with me. I can’t help it, nor, really, do I want to! It’s very helpful!

Since December and the whole Christmas deal only comes once a year, and I have the worst memory in world, I have made a Word document. It’s under my “Christmas” folder. It’s called “Christmas Ideas–read in Nov” Seriously. I told you it was like a sickness!

Here’s my list of things I need to know in November so I plan ahead and make my December much easier!

1. Hang string on the wall for cards instead of the card holder on the door (Ethan just bangs on it and pulls the cards off!)
2. Remember that I DO NOT like to cook late in December and budget for more meals out!
3. Get family picture taken in summer or early fall or Thanksgiving–no worries!
4. Buy larger bins for kids’ decorations. They have outgrown the shoebox size.
5. New Years Eve you will change your mind and want to hang out with the Stapleton’s eating appetizers. Plan early. Harry’s closes at 6 on that day.
6. Borrow folding chairs for dinner from the church.
7. Christmas Dinner: ½ ham, premade mashed potatoes mixed with 2 cups cheddar cheese, green beans, carrots or corn, rolls, pies for dessert (Ken always makes apple), Don’t forget extra butter and apple cider!

We learned #1 the hard way. Same with #2. #3 we’ve done for several years and it works really well. #4 is a problem that cropped up the end of last year and I didn’t want to deal with it until this year–this way I remember! #5 is another lesson learned the hard way. We wanted to eat, but nothing was open so we ended up running to WalMart for something to cook. #6 only matters if we’re hosting, which I think we’re not this year. Thank you, Jesus! #7 is my go-to menu from last year when I was incredibly busy.

What would help you with planning if you thought about it ahead of time?

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Thoughts on 40

I turned 40 yesterday, November 13th. I didn’t make a big deal out of it in real life, and I didn’t make one here, either. 7/8 of me is completely fine with turning 40. Maybe even 9/10 of me! But there’s a tiny little piece….well, it’s just thinking about this whole deal being half over. I know, I know–I could die tomorrow, but I’m going off the whole “life expectancy” thingy. And that thingy says that half this whole deal is over. And that freaks me out a little.

I got married later in life than I expected to, and had children MUCH later in life, although I probably ended my childbearing around the time I would have if I had spaced them out! I have not ever (nor do I plan to) use my college degree. If you had asked me 10 years ago, when I turned the dreaded 30 (oh, how I hated turning 30!) I could never have dreamed what the next 10 years would hold.

And so, of course, I wonder what the NEXT 10 years will hold for me and my family. 10 years from now I will be a mother to, gulp, three 17 year olds and a 15 1/2 year old. Bennett will be driving. Laura might be, depending on the laws–they change every once in awhile! They will be seniors, thinking about college. Ethan will most likely be living at Overbrook to avoid the long commute (he’ll come home on the weekends). Catie will be a sophomore. I will most likely be working, although still home in the afternoons to be with the kids when they get home from school. (Jim says that’s when he got into the most trouble. My mom was always home, so that wasn’t an issue.) Maybe I’ll have stopped dyeing my hair and go gray. Maybe I’ll be actually exercising regularly. Hah. I doubt it!

I’m looking forward to the forties. I know myself so much better now, and look forward to using the gifts and talents that God has given to me.