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Physician Heal Thyself

Have you ever had so much to do OUTSIDE your home that the INSIDE of your home went to pieces? That’s been my life in the past few days. Sunday I went to church, ate lunch and then worked. When I came home I was beat and ended up not doing anything. Monday Bennett had a doctor appointment down at DuPont (hour away), which ended up including x-rays and another doctor appointment, as well as lunch in their cafeteria and a visit to the pharmacy. He missed the whole day of school. By the time we came home (left at 9:40, home at 3:00ish) I was again, whupped. I did one load of girl’s laundry but that’s it. Yesterday I worked and went grocery shopping. Did another load of girl laundry. That’s it. I am SO BEHIND. So the organizer’s house is a disorganized mess!

I’m staying home today!

Oh, and Bennett is fine. He has a condition called Hirschsprung’s Disease, where a part of the bowel doesn’t have nerve. It doesn’t know it’s full, so it doesn’t empty. He had emergency surgery when he was a LITTLE baby, had a colostomy for five months, and is fine now except not potty trained at 7. The doctor x-rayed his abdomen and his colon is completely full of stool and he’s not emptying it when he “goes”. We have a not-so-fun treatment of this coming up on Friday. I will spare you the details, but it will hopefully be the first step in finally potty training.

I used to think that I’d be passed talking about my kids’ bowel movements by the time they hit this age. Oh well!


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