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Toy Purge

I just finished doing the twice-per-year-or-so toy purge with the kids. This entails getting a basket and taking each and every toy and asking the kids “do you play with this?” If two or more say yes it can stay. If only one says yes (unless it’s a special case) or if it’s broken, outgrown or I’m just sick of it then it GOES. With Christmas, and it’s annual influx of yet more toys, coming, this just needed to be done.

The kids actually enjoy this. There’s very little arguing and they are not sad to see old toys go because they know they get to keep the ones they play with.

This year, I have to admit, I got TOUGH. I told them they could keep four stuffed animals. Ok, I upped it to five. I’m not that tough. But together that’s FIFTEEN stuffed animals, including Webkinz. That’s plenty! (and I’m sure they will be getting more at Christmas, please, Lord, No!). They were ok with it, although Laura had a very hard time deciding who was #5. She sleeps every night with Eeyore and has three Webkinz, so that was the easy part. But apparently deciding between the little bear and the big bear was incredibly heartwrenching. I almost gave in and made it six, but I stayed firm and she eventually settled on the little bear. Whew. Now to get rid of them all! ::sniff sniff::

What could you purge today with your children?


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