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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I’m trying to acquire the taste of coffee. I used to love tea, but for some reason I’m not liking it lately. Most of the grown ups I know (and a fair amount of youngsters!) drink coffee. Being that I’ve hit the point of no return and really need to be known as a grown up, I thought “Coffee!”. Caffeine being the legal drug that it is.

2. I’m working on Sunday. This is my first paid gig since I’ve become official. WooHoo! Yes, I know it’s SUNDAY. But as a mom of three under three and needing her husband to be home so we could work together, I decided to cut her a break. I will take my day of rest on Saturday instead.

3. There’s nothing quite so awesome as hearing your husband pray in public. Jim does it each Sunday morning in church and most Thursday evenings at worship practice. I love it–makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

4. I love guacamole. A lot. There are now these little 100 calorie packs of them. Mmmmmmm! Yumminess without guilt. Win Win!

5. I’ve never been someone to IM. Never. But with Facebook I can do it with friends and family. I love it!

6. I think my hair stylist is a southerner stuck in a northerner’s body. Every time I go to get my hair cut I come away with BIG HAIR. We’re talking HUGE.

7. It’s snowing. SNOWING. Not flurries. Not a little bit and then stopping. It started before dawn and has continued for hours. The ground is covered. The children wore BOOTS to school. This is PENNSYLVANIA for heaven’s sake! We don’t get snow in mid-November! If this is any indication, it’s gonna be a very white winter.


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