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7 Quick Takes

I, being the totally uncreative person that I am, like to take what other wonderful bloggers have done and then do it myself. I always give them credit, because I’m honest that way!

Jennifer, one of my favorite bloggers, has a nice little random blog she posts. I can be very random on occasion, so I’m taking her Quick Take, and doing it myself! Thanks!

1. I am sick of repeating myself every morning. I think this is the lament of every mother with school-age children. We have a checklist on the fridge to help us figure out what needs to be done and what has been done. So why do I need to say over and over ad infinitum who has done what? I thought they’d be more independent at 7!

2. Today is the last day of my 30’s.

3. I’m praying for a little 2 1/2 year old, Joshua, who is having surgery today to “detether” his spinal chord. To do it properly, he will most likely (i.e. without a miracle) become paralyzed in one of his legs and be wheelchair/walker bound. Please pray for him and his family. His mom Kate’s blog is found here.

4. I was grocery shopping yesterday at WalMart. Two weeks ago their Christmas music was only in the Christmas decoration area. Yesterday I found myself singing along with Amy Grant’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” while picking out orange juice. I can’t imagine why I’m sick of Christmas music by the time the holiday actually hits!

5. I finally got my PC back from the repair guy. It’s missing my entire address book, all my old mail (of which there is much!), and my Quicken data file. This is not good. I’m hoping my IT-guru husband can rectify this problem. Soon.

6. I have to plan our worship team’s Christmas party. I’d forgotten how far ahead of that time you have to do this kind of stuff!

7. If I work hard, I will do six loads of laundry today. AND PUT IT AWAY. Because, apparently, there is no laundry fairy for hire yet.


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