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Photoshop Would Be Helpful

Ok, People, this is for Julie. My family pic on the side is so y’all can get a good look at my brood. But she wasn’t sure if she would know me if she met me on the street. Cuz she visits Pennsylvania all the time. ::snicker::

This is a few years ago. Maybe even 4. I can tell that by the lack of facial hair on my husband’s face behind me. That’s my regular hair color, which I say is dark brown. L’Oreal probably calls it something else. My “natural” color has been described as “black and gray” by Laura. Isn’t she lucky to be alive?? I never thought I had “black” hair, just very dark brown. Truly black hair resides on the heads of Asians and Native Americans. I am neither of those, so I have dark brown. With reddish highlights in the sun. When I was a little girl I had gorgeous auburn hair. I grew out of it apparently. Also, my style has changed considerably, because I, too, found a great stylist. I was going to Great Clips for YEARS. And I hated my hair for YEARS. I finally bucked up and paid the extra money for a salon, and now I have a good hair cut.

This was me at Jim’s company party two years ago. Notice the REALLY reddish hair. Bad choice of coloring on my part, not to be repeated. Oh, and I hate that smile.

Now, please subtract 17 lbs from that face, and make the hair darker, with a different style–LOTS more natural curls–and that’s pretty much me.

So, Julie, are you going to come to PA so you can see me, now that you would recognize me?

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