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Field Trip

I don’t normally do the “chaperon” thing. 1) It’s just not my thing. 2) You usually have to pay to do it, which I think is ridiculous.

But today I attended a field trip with Ethan’s class. They went to Spring Brook Farm. It’s a handicap-accessible farm and is very special-need friendly. Everyone there is kind, open, helpful, thoughtful and great with the kids. Overbrook went there last year, but Ethan wasn’t enthused. He mostly wanted to touch the name plates (raised) on the stalls. This year he still wanted to do that, but he also enjoyed touching the animals. I love seeing how much different he is when we do something each year.

His one aide talked about how much he loves to learn and work, and how much different he is from last year. I LOVE hearing things like that — it gives me so much hope for the future.


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