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43 Men

43 men have held the presidency in this country. 43 men have tried their best (we hope) to lead our country. Could I tell you even half of them? Or what they accomplished, good or bad? Probably not. The next four (or 8) years, our country will be led by Barak Obama. Am I happy about this? No. Do I feel like the earth is going to stop spinning on its axis and Armageddon is on its way? No. Our country has survived good presidents as well as bad presidents. Which Mr. Obama will be is yet to be seen. But, in the end, it’s only four (or 8) years. There will be other presidents. Good and bad.

God is still in heaven and in charge, so I’m not going to worry. Because, “which of you by worrying can add even an hour to your life?”


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