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Thoughts on Halloween

Halloween is not the same holiday it was when I was little. It was….nicer…I guess, when I was young. Now it’s all creepy, scary, mean, ICKY. I would rather pretend that it doesn’t exist. For the last three years we’ve gone to a Harvest party at a somewhat-local church. Unfortunately, their party was on Wednesday this year. With homework and Jim working late, it just didn’t work out. We ultimately decided to let them trick or treat. Ethan opted to stay home with me, which was fine. Daddy and Nana went out with Bennett, Laura and Catie. Bennett was Mr. Incredible, Laura was Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Catie was Cinderella.

Oh, the LOOT. Besides the incredible amount of candy from t’n’t, there’s also the leftovers from what we didn’t give out. We only had 12 kids! I think a lot of kids ended up either not going out or went to an alternative party.

I’m just thankful it’s over and now we can focus on the fun holidays of Thanksgiving (over my mom’s) and Christmas.


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