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Why Floyd Will Be Coming In At Night

Exam 35.00
Daily Care 8/15 21.00
Fluid Therapy 21.00
Inject-analgesic 14.50
Antibiotics 55.00
D/K/T inj 41.00
Fluid Therapy 21.00
Inject-analgesic 14.50
Wound Care 45.00
Daily Care 8/16 21.00
Buprenex to go 36.00
Total Vet Bill 325.00

Because Floyd only gets into cat fights at night. I will now be willing to stand at the door calling until I’m hoarse until he comes in.

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Laura Funny

Laura is by far the funniest of the children….without even trying. She just has a way of saying things that makes you laugh. This morning was a good one.

I asked her if the boy who shared the bus stop was friendly with them or not. Her response?

“He doesn’t like little kids as much as himself.”

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Making Life Easier, One Step at a Time

We live in a world of convenience. Probably too much, if our bodies are any indication!

But some of these are so amazingly wonderful that I cannot imagine life without them. So I thought I would share some with you.

1. Automatic bill pay: My favorite thing to save time, money, stress, you name it. Anything that gets paid every month gets done automatically. The electric company, the phone/internet/satellite TV people (Verizon), our cellphone, all our charities (except church) AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCT the money from our checking account for me. I never write checks. Never worry about being late with a payment (I paid PECO late three times in a row before finally signing up). It’s wonderful!

2. Quicken. This goes with #1. I was just reading another blog about a woman who lost her check register. Mine is on the PC, with Quicken. Every day (or every other) I sign on, it downloads the information directly from the bank and bam, I know exactly what was spent and how much we have. And there’s NEVER ANY MATH. I remember killing myself trying to find that stupid missing dime. No more!

3. Instant Brown Rice. Yes, I know, but stay with me. Instant white rice has no nutritional value. None. White rice isn’t even that good for you. With my health issues we switched to brown rice. Which takes 45 minutes to cook. And hopefully not burn or undercook. I didn’t do so well with it. Then I learned that instant brown rice, which cooks in 10 minutes, is basically the same at regular brown rice! HELLO! And my kids like it. My husband loves it. So it’s a staple in our home.

4. Cleaning wipes. No, not the kind for baby’s bottoms, the other kind. Although the baby wipes aren’t so bad, either. Catie loves to clean with them. Anyway! I can do almost an entire bathroom with a couple of those wipes (no, not the inside of the toilet! Eu!). They rock!

That’s it for today. My to-do list is really long and I’ve got a lot of energy! Good combination, I’m thinking!

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Menu Planning Monday

M Roast Chicken, rice, green beans
T Spaghetti and Meatballs, salad
W Ham, mac’n’cheese, carrots
R Chicken burritos or fajitas (depends on my mood!)
F Pizza
S Wilde’s Over – Ham and Potato Soup, bread, Pumpkin Mousse
S Pork Stir Fry

About Saturday: We NEVER have people over. I enjoy it, but our weekends are usually just so crazy that we don’t do it. However, we decided that we needed to be intentional about this and just put it on the schedule. So Saturday is the first of that plan. I’m so looking forward to it!

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Diabetic Friendly Pumpkin Mousse

I’m not sure where I got this. I THINK I saw a similar recipe for a pumpkin pie–most likely Kraft Food and Family Magazine. But instead of putting it into a pie shell, I made it a mousse, and used all low-fat or fat free or sugar free ingredients. Voila! A diabetic alternative to pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Or just when the urge to eat pumpkin-y stuff hits!

Pumpkin Mousse

1 pkg vanilla instant fat free/sugar free pudding and pie mix (4 serving size)
3/4 cup cold 1% or fat free milk (I use 1%)
1/2 cup solid pack pumpkin
3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
2 cups Cool Whip Lite or Free thawed (I use Lite)

Prepare pie filling as directed on package with 3/4 cup milk. Blend in pumpkin, spice and Cool Whip. Chill at least 4 hours. If you can wait that long. Because I can’t and eat it right away.

In pencil I have the following info below the recipe: 95 cals, 2 g fat, 16 carb. Whether that’s actually correct, I’m not sure.

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A Winner of a Day

Having said yesterday what a crazy schedule I’d be having today, I wasn’t sure what today would end up looking like. Let me tell you, It. Was. AWESOME.

Arrive at Dr. office a little early to check in. Because I’m an early kind of person. It’s annoying, I know. Sorry!

Wait 40 minutes (that part wasn’t so awesome). See the endocrinologist, who was happy. HAPPY, people! She has never been happy. Satisfied, yes. Happy? No.
1. I lost 12 lbs since I was there last. Byetta is awesome.
2. Got my bloodwork done last week.
a) Brought my Triglycerides down
b) Brought my Total Cholesterol down
c) Brought my LDL down
d) Brought my HDL up.

So, as of today, I NO LONGER: am Prediabetic, have high cholesterol or high triglycerides. GO ME! And I lost 7% of my body weight. I was doing the dance of joy!

That was the first of awesomeness.

Onto Wegmans, where I treated myself to a Vanilla Latte, looked for organic peanut butter (don’t ask) and got a birthday present and card for our pastor’s wife.

Drove to Christiana, followed the directions properly (so there, Jim!) and had a very nice time with 10 other women from our church in celebrating the pastor’s wife’s 30th birthday. Yes, she’s 10 years younger than me. And yes, it’s a little weird sometimes.

That was the 2nd part of the awesomeness.

Left and went to CYWA, where I had a very good conversation with Roger, who wears many hats and has many titles. He’s also the father of one of the moms in my mothers of multiples club. It was a little overwhelming. The scope of the problems of poverty, yes. The need for help, yes. Where I could fit myself into their organization? YES.

As it stands now, my first thing to do is to help him type in 200-300 names into a database and then mail merge them for labels. I was a secretary for 7 years before I had kids. Easy Peasy. He was thrilled. I’m happy that I can help. It’s a little weird. But I’m honestly open, for one of the first times, to whatever God wants from me. I KNOW without a doubt that I’m supposed to be here. So I KNOW that He has something planned for me.

That’s the 3rd part of the awesomeness of today.

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Planning Ahead

Have I mentioned that I’m a Planner (yes, it needs a capital!). I love to plan! Even if the plans never come to fruition, I still find joy in the act. I know, I need to join a 12 step program.

Spontaneous people both exasperate me and yet have my admiration. I always wanted to be more….flexible. Pliable. Willing to “go with the flow”. I’m not. When the flow is interrupted it throws me out of kilter and it takes me a while to get back in sync. Just ask Jim. Because I know I frustrate him all the time with my lack of flexibility.

But I bet that spontaneous people wish they were more like me.


So, here is an example of my planning ahead. Oh, wait, before I get into that, did you know that my mom is hosting Thanksgiving? And that I’m going to have Christmas Day with Jim’s family. They don’t know it yet. And then, my side of the family will celebrate Christmas together over my sister’s house the day AFTER Christmas? She doesn’t know it yet, either, because planning drives her insane. ESPECIALLY planning Christmas in October. So Mom and I will just keep this little thing to ourselves. You can’t tell Robin. We like her hair on her head and not in little clumps in her fists.

S0, back to planning.

Tomorrow I: have a doctor appointment at 9:30, about 20 minutes EAST of my house. At 11:30, I have a luncheon for our Pastor’s wife’s 30th birthday about 25 minutes WEST of my house. At 2:00, I have a meeting in Coatesville, which is 8 minutes EAST of my home. I do not think I will be home in between any of these trips. At 7pm Jim and I have worship practice, which means the instant the kids get off the bus they do homework and we have an early dinner. Both of which I oversee.

Friday I: will put the three kids on the bus at 8:33, hop in the van with Jim and his mom and go to Overbrook School for the Blind’s Parent’s Day. Leave around noon or so, I guess. Come home, pack and then leave for the WEEKEND with my husband! WooHoo.

Which brings us back to today. 1) Not home tomorrow until 3:30 at the earliest, and no real time to clean. 2) Not home Friday so no time to clean. 3) The laundry was WAY behind, the bathrooms were, uh, not so great, and no one had blankets on their beds and it’s getting down to the 40’s at night. Brrr. Plus my MIL will be sleeping in our bed.

So, I started off today with a large cup of tea and a prayer that God would help me stay ON TASK and not get sidetracked by the computer (I’m weak, I’m weak!) or the TV.

Today, so far I: stripped and remade 3 beds (out of 6), washed, dried, folded AND PUT AWAY 5 loads of laundry, cleaned the powder room, cleaned the kids’ bathroom (can we hear a GROSS!), wiped up the floor of the Master Bath, did the dishes (read: put into the dishwasher) read blogs, watched “Design to Sell” while I ate my lunch, helped the kids with their homework and posted on my blog. As I typed that last sentence, Laundry Load #6 just buzzed. I am HOMEMAKER, Watch me Work!

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Our Love Story

Apparently, it’s Love Story Month. Why now and not February, I don’t know, but I’m more than willing to join the crowd. For a really neat, international story, check out One Thing.

So, the year was 1985. Or so. We’re not exactly sure, but we think we were sophmores. Yes, Jim and I went to high school together. Here, at West Chester East High School:

I was dating his friend, Mark. Mark decided to play a practical joke on me and hung a jock strap in my locker. It was Jim’s. He says it was clean, but did I know that? NO! Of course, I was rather freaked out. To get him back, I had a teacher help me break into Jim’s locker (This WAS the 80’s!). I hung….well, let’s just say a feminine article, in his locker. And apparently, according to him, put lots of notes in his jean jacket. After wearing it. I don’t remember that part, but he has a better memory than I do. Here he is in his oh, so stylish 80’s sweatshirt.

Time Passed. Mark and I broke up. Jim and I ended up in a class together Senior year. 1987. I flirted. He had a girlfriend. But he paid attention anyway. Cuz I was cute.

Time Passed. We started college. I went to the local West Chester University. He went to the also-local Penn State University. All of our friends went to other colleges. Propinquity ensued. Either he had a girlfriend or I had a boyfriend. Until, finally, neither one of us had anyone and really noticed each other.

November 1991. We start to date.
Sept 1992, for reasons many and varied and none very nice, we broke up.
Late Winter (early) 1993 We date. And break up again.
Late 1993, We date. And get engaged. And break up. Completely stop seeing each other June 1994.

Nine months pass. I go and see a wonderful counselor about the already mentioned addiction.
He talks to the same counselor about other things, although I’m SURE my addiction came up!

March 12, 1995. We start dating. It’s a little different this time around.
Memorial Day weekend. We get engaged.
October 7, 1995. We get married. Amazing how things work well when you do things in a HEALTHY way!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you and would marry you again in a heartbeat!

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My dad’s name is Walter. Walter E. Bennett. The E stands for Elwood. ::shudder:: He doesn’t know if Elwood has one l or two, but I’ve decided it has one, and my spell check likes that, so I’m leaving it. Today, 77 years ago, my dad entered the world. At home. :more shuddering:: Nana obviously had natural childbirth, not that she had much choice in the matter!! 23 years later he married my mom and 14 years after that they had me. Thank goodness! Because otherwise this blog wouldn’t exist!

Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for falling in love with Mom.

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Rest in Peace, Jeremy

I write the following post with tears.

About a month and a half ago I posted about Jeremy. He was an 11 year old with a rare form of cancer. This morning, at 10:37, he was perfectly Healed and is at rest with the Lord.

Please pray for his mom and dad, and his triplet sisters, Laurel and Claire. My heart is breaking for this family. I cannot imagine the pain they must be in, nor the hard things they have to face. Like, what do you do with his bedroom? All his stuff?

Father, please be with this family. Comfort them with your peace. Surround them with your love, as well as with friends and family.