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Where Things Stand October Edition

I think I’m going to make this a monthly addition to my regular blogging. Things actually seem to change enough from month to month.

Getting Healthy: I recently posted some major things about that here. As of today, the weight loss is 16 lbs. I’m amazed at that. I’m 147. I’ve officially lost 10% of my body weight. And the incredible thing is, I know it’s going to keep on coming off. However, on the not-so-great-side, my clothes don’t fit any differently. That’s a bummer.

Education: Everyone is doing great in school, so I’m obviously pleased. Jim is headed to an IT class on Certified Ethical Hacking in two weeks.

House: Did you know that I can actually keep my kitchen clean when my children are at school all day? I KNOW! And I can stay on top of laundry and keep the living room clean and….let’s just say that being a homemaker with children in school is a lot easier than being one with them at home.

Finances: It’s a tight month. Very tight. We’ll be fine once November hits, but right now it’s not very fun.

Spirit: I’m volunteering for CYWA, but right now it’s just helping out one of the directors. Which I’m not denigrating. But I think I expected God to have me more involved with the actual residents. Still struggling with daily bible reading. Some days I’m good, other days not so much. However, I really enjoyed leading the church in worship the two Sundays that Jim was away. It was a little nerve wracking, but to finally use the gifts that He gave me in the church was amazing.

Family: Jim’s been working some CRAZY hours this past week. It’s very difficult to try and be thankful for his job (which I am) and yet want something better for him, which of course I do. I want the people he works with to respect and admire him the way that I do. And for some reason they don’t. I don’t get it!

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Long Term Effects

My triplets were born VERY EARLY. They were due December 2, 2001, and were born August 25, 2001. That was 15 weeks they should have been in me, growing and being protected. Instead they faced the world WAY too early. There were (and sometimes still are) a lot of bad consequences of that extreme prematurity. One of the things was called Intraventricular Hemmorage, or IVH or Brain Bleed. It’s where blood gets into the brain and blocks up things. It’s BAD. Bennett had a Grade II, which was, thank God, no big deal. But Ethan and Laura both had Grade IV, which is the worst.

They were born on a Saturday. On Wednesday, I was planning Connor’s funeral. Yes, that sucked. In the midst of calls to the funeral home and cemetary, one of the neonatologist calls. I’ll call him Dr. A. Dr. A was extremely serious. They had done ultrasounds on all the kids’ brains and he needed to explain to me the seriousness of their findings. I took notes. I found the notebook today (in the midst of cleaning up/out my desk).

He explained the different grades, and who had which one. The most positive he would be with Laura and Ethan was: A lot of Grade IV brain bleed babies do better than he thought they would. Yes, that’s it. The worst-case scenario: cannot walk, limited ability to learn, unable to grow up to be independent.

The conversation went downhill from there.

He was the “most concerned” about Laura. Her lungs were very injured wtih BPD or Broncho-Pulminary Displasia. (Chronic Lung Disease). She has cysts on her lungs, which were evidence of damage. Asthma would probably be in our future. Her brain bleed was the worst.

Fast forward Seven years to the current Laura, who runs and plays and reads ABOVE grade level and sings beautifully WITH NO ASTHMA.

None of my children have asthma. Not even Ethan, who had lungs so bad that Jim one day told him if it was too hard, it was ok to let go. They talked about heroic measures, although it never became necessary.

If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

I’m In tears with thankfulness over the amazing miracle that my children are. And so grateful that I kept that notebook as a testimony of how powerful our God is.

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What is it about my desk that makes me unable to keep it clean??? I can keep my kitchen clean. I can keep my living room clean. But not the desk! It’s the total dumping ground of the first floor! ARRRGGGG!

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Why Floyd Will Be Coming In At Night

Exam 35.00
Daily Care 8/15 21.00
Fluid Therapy 21.00
Inject-analgesic 14.50
Antibiotics 55.00
D/K/T inj 41.00
Fluid Therapy 21.00
Inject-analgesic 14.50
Wound Care 45.00
Daily Care 8/16 21.00
Buprenex to go 36.00
Total Vet Bill 325.00

Because Floyd only gets into cat fights at night. I will now be willing to stand at the door calling until I’m hoarse until he comes in.

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Laura Funny

Laura is by far the funniest of the children….without even trying. She just has a way of saying things that makes you laugh. This morning was a good one.

I asked her if the boy who shared the bus stop was friendly with them or not. Her response?

“He doesn’t like little kids as much as himself.”

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Making Life Easier, One Step at a Time

We live in a world of convenience. Probably too much, if our bodies are any indication!

But some of these are so amazingly wonderful that I cannot imagine life without them. So I thought I would share some with you.

1. Automatic bill pay: My favorite thing to save time, money, stress, you name it. Anything that gets paid every month gets done automatically. The electric company, the phone/internet/satellite TV people (Verizon), our cellphone, all our charities (except church) AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCT the money from our checking account for me. I never write checks. Never worry about being late with a payment (I paid PECO late three times in a row before finally signing up). It’s wonderful!

2. Quicken. This goes with #1. I was just reading another blog about a woman who lost her check register. Mine is on the PC, with Quicken. Every day (or every other) I sign on, it downloads the information directly from the bank and bam, I know exactly what was spent and how much we have. And there’s NEVER ANY MATH. I remember killing myself trying to find that stupid missing dime. No more!

3. Instant Brown Rice. Yes, I know, but stay with me. Instant white rice has no nutritional value. None. White rice isn’t even that good for you. With my health issues we switched to brown rice. Which takes 45 minutes to cook. And hopefully not burn or undercook. I didn’t do so well with it. Then I learned that instant brown rice, which cooks in 10 minutes, is basically the same at regular brown rice! HELLO! And my kids like it. My husband loves it. So it’s a staple in our home.

4. Cleaning wipes. No, not the kind for baby’s bottoms, the other kind. Although the baby wipes aren’t so bad, either. Catie loves to clean with them. Anyway! I can do almost an entire bathroom with a couple of those wipes (no, not the inside of the toilet! Eu!). They rock!

That’s it for today. My to-do list is really long and I’ve got a lot of energy! Good combination, I’m thinking!

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Menu Planning Monday

M Roast Chicken, rice, green beans
T Spaghetti and Meatballs, salad
W Ham, mac’n’cheese, carrots
R Chicken burritos or fajitas (depends on my mood!)
F Pizza
S Wilde’s Over – Ham and Potato Soup, bread, Pumpkin Mousse
S Pork Stir Fry

About Saturday: We NEVER have people over. I enjoy it, but our weekends are usually just so crazy that we don’t do it. However, we decided that we needed to be intentional about this and just put it on the schedule. So Saturday is the first of that plan. I’m so looking forward to it!