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Bad Things Come in 4’s?

We had some pretty rotten weather yesterday. Rainy, nasty, cold, windy, yucky weather. We didn’t lose power during the day, although it flickered several times. During the night, though, we lost power. And my computer. There was a power surge that took out both the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) AND the PC. I’m currently using my laptop, which has email and internet, but not any of my files. And no, I haven’t been diligent about backing things up. ::smacking myself upside the head::

So, to recap:
1. Jim’s PC dies of old age: $1000
2. Floyd’s vet visit: $325
3. Septic system: $365
4. My PC dies: $500 deductible thru our homeowner’s insurance.

I hate money.

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