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Suzy Q. Homemaker

We made homemade ice cream today. In a bag. FROM SCRATCH. I knew every ingredient and could pronounce every one of them, as could my five year old. It was delicious! The “don’t touch the ice because you could get frostbite” part was not so nice, but for a “let’s do something neat with the kids” it was pretty ok.

I’m not that kind of a mom. I wish I was. I’ve read blogs of these moms whose four year olds can fry their own eggs, or when the whole family sits for an afternoon and makes crafts. My take on these families is: Either they have only one or two children, none of whom are special needs, or their children are spaced out in such a way that they have OLDER children to help with the YOUNGER children.

My house? Not so much. My eldest three are 4 minutes apart, and my youngest is only 19 mos younger. I’m not crafty. I don’t like sharing my kitchen. I KNOW that I’m raising my children to not know how to cook. At some point I hope to share my kitchen with them. I try sometimes. Today was one of those times when I went WAYYY out of my comfort zone to 1) make a huge mess with ice and salt 2) let the kids participate in a cooking thing by helping mix up the ingredients.

The resulting ice cream was smooth, sweet and delicious. I got my recipe out of a weekly news magazine (Called, appropriately “The Week”), but I’m sure if you googled “make ice cream in a bag” it would show something. It was really easy, the kids loved it, and now I just have to dump all the ice outside.

And use the Donvier ice cream maker next time.

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