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Where Things Stand October Edition

I think I’m going to make this a monthly addition to my regular blogging. Things actually seem to change enough from month to month.

Getting Healthy: I recently posted some major things about that here. As of today, the weight loss is 16 lbs. I’m amazed at that. I’m 147. I’ve officially lost 10% of my body weight. And the incredible thing is, I know it’s going to keep on coming off. However, on the not-so-great-side, my clothes don’t fit any differently. That’s a bummer.

Education: Everyone is doing great in school, so I’m obviously pleased. Jim is headed to an IT class on Certified Ethical Hacking in two weeks.

House: Did you know that I can actually keep my kitchen clean when my children are at school all day? I KNOW! And I can stay on top of laundry and keep the living room clean and….let’s just say that being a homemaker with children in school is a lot easier than being one with them at home.

Finances: It’s a tight month. Very tight. We’ll be fine once November hits, but right now it’s not very fun.

Spirit: I’m volunteering for CYWA, but right now it’s just helping out one of the directors. Which I’m not denigrating. But I think I expected God to have me more involved with the actual residents. Still struggling with daily bible reading. Some days I’m good, other days not so much. However, I really enjoyed leading the church in worship the two Sundays that Jim was away. It was a little nerve wracking, but to finally use the gifts that He gave me in the church was amazing.

Family: Jim’s been working some CRAZY hours this past week. It’s very difficult to try and be thankful for his job (which I am) and yet want something better for him, which of course I do. I want the people he works with to respect and admire him the way that I do. And for some reason they don’t. I don’t get it!

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