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A Winner of a Day

Having said yesterday what a crazy schedule I’d be having today, I wasn’t sure what today would end up looking like. Let me tell you, It. Was. AWESOME.

Arrive at Dr. office a little early to check in. Because I’m an early kind of person. It’s annoying, I know. Sorry!

Wait 40 minutes (that part wasn’t so awesome). See the endocrinologist, who was happy. HAPPY, people! She has never been happy. Satisfied, yes. Happy? No.
1. I lost 12 lbs since I was there last. Byetta is awesome.
2. Got my bloodwork done last week.
a) Brought my Triglycerides down
b) Brought my Total Cholesterol down
c) Brought my LDL down
d) Brought my HDL up.

So, as of today, I NO LONGER: am Prediabetic, have high cholesterol or high triglycerides. GO ME! And I lost 7% of my body weight. I was doing the dance of joy!

That was the first of awesomeness.

Onto Wegmans, where I treated myself to a Vanilla Latte, looked for organic peanut butter (don’t ask) and got a birthday present and card for our pastor’s wife.

Drove to Christiana, followed the directions properly (so there, Jim!) and had a very nice time with 10 other women from our church in celebrating the pastor’s wife’s 30th birthday. Yes, she’s 10 years younger than me. And yes, it’s a little weird sometimes.

That was the 2nd part of the awesomeness.

Left and went to CYWA, where I had a very good conversation with Roger, who wears many hats and has many titles. He’s also the father of one of the moms in my mothers of multiples club. It was a little overwhelming. The scope of the problems of poverty, yes. The need for help, yes. Where I could fit myself into their organization? YES.

As it stands now, my first thing to do is to help him type in 200-300 names into a database and then mail merge them for labels. I was a secretary for 7 years before I had kids. Easy Peasy. He was thrilled. I’m happy that I can help. It’s a little weird. But I’m honestly open, for one of the first times, to whatever God wants from me. I KNOW without a doubt that I’m supposed to be here. So I KNOW that He has something planned for me.

That’s the 3rd part of the awesomeness of today.


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