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Planning Ahead

Have I mentioned that I’m a Planner (yes, it needs a capital!). I love to plan! Even if the plans never come to fruition, I still find joy in the act. I know, I need to join a 12 step program.

Spontaneous people both exasperate me and yet have my admiration. I always wanted to be more….flexible. Pliable. Willing to “go with the flow”. I’m not. When the flow is interrupted it throws me out of kilter and it takes me a while to get back in sync. Just ask Jim. Because I know I frustrate him all the time with my lack of flexibility.

But I bet that spontaneous people wish they were more like me.


So, here is an example of my planning ahead. Oh, wait, before I get into that, did you know that my mom is hosting Thanksgiving? And that I’m going to have Christmas Day with Jim’s family. They don’t know it yet. And then, my side of the family will celebrate Christmas together over my sister’s house the day AFTER Christmas? She doesn’t know it yet, either, because planning drives her insane. ESPECIALLY planning Christmas in October. So Mom and I will just keep this little thing to ourselves. You can’t tell Robin. We like her hair on her head and not in little clumps in her fists.

S0, back to planning.

Tomorrow I: have a doctor appointment at 9:30, about 20 minutes EAST of my house. At 11:30, I have a luncheon for our Pastor’s wife’s 30th birthday about 25 minutes WEST of my house. At 2:00, I have a meeting in Coatesville, which is 8 minutes EAST of my home. I do not think I will be home in between any of these trips. At 7pm Jim and I have worship practice, which means the instant the kids get off the bus they do homework and we have an early dinner. Both of which I oversee.

Friday I: will put the three kids on the bus at 8:33, hop in the van with Jim and his mom and go to Overbrook School for the Blind’s Parent’s Day. Leave around noon or so, I guess. Come home, pack and then leave for the WEEKEND with my husband! WooHoo.

Which brings us back to today. 1) Not home tomorrow until 3:30 at the earliest, and no real time to clean. 2) Not home Friday so no time to clean. 3) The laundry was WAY behind, the bathrooms were, uh, not so great, and no one had blankets on their beds and it’s getting down to the 40’s at night. Brrr. Plus my MIL will be sleeping in our bed.

So, I started off today with a large cup of tea and a prayer that God would help me stay ON TASK and not get sidetracked by the computer (I’m weak, I’m weak!) or the TV.

Today, so far I: stripped and remade 3 beds (out of 6), washed, dried, folded AND PUT AWAY 5 loads of laundry, cleaned the powder room, cleaned the kids’ bathroom (can we hear a GROSS!), wiped up the floor of the Master Bath, did the dishes (read: put into the dishwasher) read blogs, watched “Design to Sell” while I ate my lunch, helped the kids with their homework and posted on my blog. As I typed that last sentence, Laundry Load #6 just buzzed. I am HOMEMAKER, Watch me Work!


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