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Thy Word

I led worship again this morning. One of the songs in my worship flow was Thy Word, an old Amy Grant song. Bennett and Laura were in the congregation and heard me, which apparently made an impression on Bennett, because a few minutes ago I heard him sing. For the first time! And he had a beautiful voice! And I don’t say that just because I’m his mom. Catie doesn’t have that great of a voice. So there!

Anyway, he didn’t know the words very well, having only heard the song once, but he sang “de dum” a lot and seriously sounded great. I told him so, and embarrassed the heck out of him. I went to YouTube (Love that site!) and put on the song with Amy Grant and Michael W Smith and all the kids came in to sing and watch. And Laura harmonized beautiful and correctly above the melody, which her mother did NOT teach her because I am a LOW ALTO and harmonize under. If none of that meant anything to you, let’s just say that the music gene did NOT skip my daughter–beautiful voice and talented harmonizing at SEVEN. People, That’s YOUNG! WooHoo!


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