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Where Things Stand Now

Getting healthy: As of this morning, I’m at 13 lbs down, which is going to go down some more as I continue to eat the way I’m eating. My salivary gland is a non-issue. Either 1) the stone passed or 2) the stone moved or 3) the stone dissolved. Regardless, I haven’t been in pain in more than two weeks. I’m going to cancel my follow up appointment because, really, what are they going to tell me anyway? My annual glucose tolerance test is scheduled for October 3. Oh joy. I really HATE drinking that stuff.

Educational: We’re into our fourth week of school, praise the Good Lord. The kids love school, and I do the touchdown sign every weekday morning at 8:35. I can’t even tell you how much I love having all that time to plan without children. I love my kids–honest, I do!–but oh, how I love having them in school!

House: The paint in the living and play rooms looks amazing. And I never want to do that again when the kids are home from school. It was a horrendous amount of work. We still have to hang all the art work, clocks and pictures up again. And save up money for window treatments. Hah. Otherwise, I rearranged our master bedroom, and am as usual, trying to “catch up” on laundry.

Financial: Doing fine here. We are blessed with a good paying job for Jim. Any work that I pick up will be either put away for vacation or paying down some of our home equity loan.

Spiritual: Hmmm….between blogs and church, God has definitely been speaking lately. Oh! I have something so cool to share! 15 years ago–yes, that’s FIFTEEN–I wrote a worship song. I thought it was pretty good, but other than playing it for our old church one time as special music, I’ve pretty much only heard myself play it. Well, last Sunday I led worship and used it as part of the worship. And someone who was visiting (missionary’s wife) told me how much it blessed her. Oh, My, Heavens! How cool is that?!?! I was so psyched!

Family: Jim’s been coming home late, which is more stressful. But we’re managing. He’ll be leaving on Saturday to drive down to Florida and visit his grandparents, both of whom are in their late 80’s (like, 89!). His grandfather, especially, is getting frail. Jim won’t come home until the following Thursday evening, so it will be almost a week without him. We’ll manage. I’m not thrilled, but I support him going down and seeing his family. But we’ll all miss him.


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