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Worship Practice

People, a momentous occasion has just happened. I led my first worship practice. Yes, there was only Emma and me there, but hey, we SANG. And I PLAYED. AT THE SAME TIME. While PLUGGED INTO THE CHURCH’S SOUND SYSTEM.

Hyperventilating over here.

I’m leading worship on Sunday and then also on the following Sunday because Jim is away for various reasons. Yes, one is his annual pilgrimage to Mecca, uh, um….NASCAR at Dover Downs, aka The Monster Mile. And you have to say “The Monster Mile” in an announcer voice, like the old fashioned guys used to say “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” about whatever was going to be on Sunday.

But I digress.

I have practiced for this event for over a week now. I’m confident that even if I make a mistake I will be able to recover and keep on singing. I hope. Ok, maybe NOT so confident. But in the end, I hope to just lead our congregation in a time of worship. If that is the result, then I am pleased. And the butterflies will fly away until the next Sunday.


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