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Menu Planning Monday

I usually forget to do this on my blog, but I DO plan my meals weekly/monthly. When I’m in my “Oh, yes, I am so organized” mode, I go to Excel, click on Menus, click on the 2008 file and then on the current month’s tab and plan a whole stinkin’ month’s worth of meals at one sitting. It takes a while, but MAN, is it nice to not think about it again!

But then, life usually happens and I have to change things around anyway!

Which is why I usually stick to once-a-week planning.

Here is this week:

M Quiche, veggies
T Hot dogs, mac’n’cheese, carrots
W Steak on grill, potatoes, green beans
R Spaghetti and meatballs, salad or fruit
F Ham, Tater Tots, carrots
S Ham and Potato Soup
S Jim to NASCAR – Get Own

Jim is going to be out Monday, Tuesday and Sunday, so those are all easy nights with just cooking for my incredibly-picky kids. I’m not going to make a big meal that they would just turn up their noses at. I might not even make the Quiche but just do scrambled eggs–we’ll see what mood I’m in this evening! 😀

And yes, please note Sunday’s very solemn event. Jim is going on his annual pilgrimage to Dover, Delaware and get: sunburned, covered in tar from the tires, get his eardrums blown out from the amazingly loud engines and have a sore throat from screaming his head off. Yes, he’s a southern boy at heart and loves NASCAR. He doesn’t love one driver passionately like some other fans do. But he has a few guys that he likes to win.

I kinda secretly hope that Carl Edwards get the cup this year. He’s cute and does those little flips off his car when he wins. And he doesn’t seem to have a temper like some other drivers we’ve seen (Hello Tony Stewart, you know you do!). I’m not and never will be a FAN of NASCAR. If I never saw another race I would not be sad, upset or in any way negatively affected. I might even do a little dance of joy. But if it MUST be a part of my life, and being married to Jim it must, then I will learn to coexist peacefully with it.

Just don’t expect me to go down to Dover with Jim.


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