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Heavy Duty Treatment

I saw the ENT today for a follow up to my appointment two weeks. Because, yes, I still have a stone in my salivary gland. Pity me, please.

Dr. P had absolutely ZERO bedside manner, although his Physician’s assistant, D, was very nice. Do you want to hear yet another high-tech treatment for this condition? Are you ready? It’s major.

I have to drink ONE GALLON of water every day. For a month. That “should” dissolve the stone. They think. Oh, and I’ll be on another antibiotic for five days to keep any possible infection at bay.

One gallon of water is more than I usually consume in probably four days. I’m not a big drinker normally, and on the Byetta I’m way worse. And no iced tea. I LOVE my diet honey lemon ginseng green tea by Turkey Hill. And I’m so sad that I’m not supposed to consume it.

Although if he thinks I’m giving up my morning cup of tea he’s delusional. Cuz I’m not. There’s absolutely nothing like a quiet cup of tea after the kids get on the bus. So stick it, Dr. P. I’m having my one cup of tea. And THEN I’ll drink a gallon of water. Somehow.


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