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Where Things Stand

Ornaments of Grace did this today and inspired me to do the same.

Getting healthy: Currently “stuck” at 10 lbs lost, which, while I’m happy about that loss, I want it to go up. However, the blocked salivary gland Dr wants me to suck on sour candy. Sour CANDY, people. Loads of sour calories. I’ll just stick with the 10 lbs until the stupid stone passes or gets pulled out somehow. Dr. appointment a week from Friday. I’m hoping I get to keep the gland.

Educational: 12 days until Bennett, Laura and Catie start school, another week after that for Ethan. I’m not counting the days right now just because we’re so busy, but I’ll certainly be glad when regular scheduled life resumes.

House: Is complete and utter chaos right now. We’re painting the living room and playroom (after having lived with pink walls and ceiling for 8 years). The kids’ birthday party is on Saturday. Today is Thursday and we’re going to finish priming and start painting the woodwork. Yes, we’re completely insane. Somehow it will work out, RIGHT???

Financial: This is one of those God things. We’re technically hemorrhaging money right now. Between all my medical copays (100 each for the two ER visits), the cat’s ER visit, buying new tires for my van, buying the paint and supplies, and the kids’ party, well, that’s $1000 right there. We would normally be sobbing right now. But Jim did some amazingly incredible stuff at work and they gave him a VERY nice bonus, which is His amazing timing yet again.

Spiritual: The Spirit is willing but the Flesh is weak. Two things here. I’m still struggling with reading my bible daily. Just can’t seem to make myself do it (although to be honest I’m not even sure exactly where my bible is right now with the house all torn up!). Then there’s wanting to “medicate” my massive frustration about the blocked duct with some addiction. I really should call and/or email my accountability partner. Now that I’ve posted it here, I actually WILL call her!

Family: The children are starting to show signs of needing to get away from each other. Ethan definitely needs to be in a structured environment and SOON. Jim’s on vacation this week, but is working on the house almost non-stop, so does that count? He and I are doing well. I think we’re finally on the same page with his work situation. More on that later, when plans firm up.

I’m off to give Ethan breakfast and then, paintbrush in hand, attack the woodwork. I can’t express how excited I am about that. 😛


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