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Jeremy Wilson is an 11 year old triplet boy (has two sisters). His mom, Karen, belongs to my mothers of multiples club. I have never met her, as her kids are four years older than mine and she stopped attending meetings before I started. Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. I’ve been following his story via CaringBridge for most of that time. Karen just posted a few days ago about his cancer growing and being very bad. While she didn’t say it, I feel like this is the beginning of the end. His options for treatments have pretty much run out. He’s even been in on the non-mainstream stuff already and his cancer grew instead of shrunk.

I have lost a child. I know the heartache and incredible loss that goes with it. But I lost my son at birth, when everything was still in the future. To lose an 11 year old, after having those 11 years of memories and plans and hopes and dreams….my heart cannot fathom that kind of pain. We call our children triplets, although they are quadruplets, because it is so much easier than explaining and dealing with the pain over and over. How will the Wilson’s handle it? With God’s help, they’ll manage, but I still can’t imagine the pain.

My heart goes out to them, as do my prayers. If you are a praying type person, please pray for the Wilson family.


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