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My Small ER Adventure

Last night after worship practice we came home and started to watch the Olympic beach volleyball. I noticed that all of a sudden my left ear and jaw was starting to hurt. A lot. I took some Advil and thought I would worry about it this morning.

Had a not-so-good night of sleep b/c of the pain and discomfort.

This morning, what started off being a small little bump and a little discomfort ended up in a large bump that kept growing, me not even being able to chew or really drink, and just absolutely LOSING it on the floor of the kitchen. I really think I was having a panic attack–I couldn’t stop crying because I was so scared. I got through to my next door neighbor, who’s daughter helped Jim watch the kids (he was on a conference call from home) and my neighbor, Paige, took me to the ER.

There was NO waiting–immediately back to the ER. That, like, NEVER happens.

The nurse thought it was a blocked saliva duct, and the Physician’s Assistant confirmed it. Wanna know the treatment? Besides Advil and ice, I mean.

Sour candy. No kidding! It makes you salivate a lot, so they want all that extra saliva to hopefully bust the stone out of the way. Yuck. It actually hurts quite a lot to suck on it with all the extra saliva pressing against the stone.

I have an appointment at an ENT on Monday in case the sour candy doesn’t work. I’m just so grateful that it wasn’t something SERIOUS. It happened so quickly that I couldn’t imagine what in the world it could be. So I’m off to suck on more sour candy.

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