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My Amazing Neighbors

Tomorrow is going to be A Good Day. I can say this with some confidence because my next-door neighbor, Paige and her daughters Katie and Molly, will be taking ALL FOUR of my kids to the free movies and then out for lunch and to the park. Why are they doing this, you ask? Because they they are amazingly kind and charitable. (They also know that I haven’t had much free time this summer!)

When we moved here 8 years ago, Molly was a little kid younger than mine and Katie only two years older. When we got pregnant and told them, one went out our front door and one went out the back, racing to tell their mom that I was going to have quads. She didn’t believe them. Nor did she believe them when I told them we were going to have yet another baby only 1 1/2 years later!

They were first mother’s helpers–Katie very helpful and Molly scared, then Katie babysitting and Molly the helper and now Molly the babysitter because Katie has a social life and a job. They have often refused to let me pay them because I hired them while I had to run to the pediatrician or the vet or just couldn’t bear the thought of going to get my hair cut with four kids tagging along.

When we first moved here, I asked the girls if they visited their dad on the weekend because I never saw him around. Their answer? “Oh, he’s dead.” !!!!!!!!! I can’t imagine have two young girls my own children’s age and trying to do it alone. Paige is the only widow my age that I know. Actually, she’s the only widow I know at all. And she carries it with amazing grace.

So I fully intend to enjoy my time alone. Thank you Paige, Katie and Molly!


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