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It was my intention to update here every day. Honest. But, well, life intervened. I’m going to tell you about Friday. In three words. You’ll see. You’ll forgive me.

PMS. Yeast Infection.

See??? I knew you would understand! I’ve never had a yeast infection. And to all you women in the world out there who get them, I AM SO SORRY! They are awful! And the idea of “one day” medicine is kind of a joke. It actually makes it WORSE! Ugh!

Added onto my Friday, Jim left for work at 10:30 on Friday morning (did some work from home first) and came on at 2:30. On Saturday AFTERNOON. Yes, folks, 28 flipping hours in a row. And this is not the first time it’s happened. However, it finally convinced him that he’s had enough. He essentially gave his boss his notice, unless things seriously change. For which, I am humbly grateful. I am thankful beyond measure that I have a responsibly husband that cares about his family and provides for us very well. However, I would like to be able to SEE my husband to enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Saturday was the breaking day. Every time I moved in any direction or sat or stood or laid down I was plain uncomfortable. Added to that being a single mom. Added to that Ethan waking me up before 6am. Added to that, well, you get the idea. I called our next door neighbors and begged the savior of my sanity the 15 year old to come over for two short hours and help out. She agreed, Thank You GOD. Two hours later, the kitchen was clean, the living room was clean, the children were fed and I was in a much better frame of mind. Jim came home, said hi, ate, and went to bed. I think he got up for maybe an hour or two to help put the kids to bed and eat dinner, and then he went back to bed again.

Sunday we had church, where he officially led worship in his new capacity at Worship Leader. Yes, can you hear the pride in my words? I’m thrilled that he is in a position to do this, both spiritually and instrumentally. Our team sounded great, too, which is a nice thing for me. I know, I know, I have to work on that humble thing! I love singing, and God blessed me with a good voice. I’m not going to have false modesty about it. But I’m thrilled to finally be able to use it for His glory again. That’s the truth.

Sunday afternoon I went to a fellow mom of triplets home. She has three boys, God Bless Her, and I buy clothes from her every year. We also bought Bennett a new bike from her, since the yard sale one I got for $1 needs two new tires (which will cost $5 less than the new bike did). Oh, here’s a quick funny! Her last name is Kinkelaar. (kink-eh-lar). Bennett said something to Daddy, which Daddy then told him to come and tell me. Here’s what he said: “Mommy, Mrs. Tinkle has a really big train table in her basement.”

I bought their entire shirt wardrobe and a few pants (her boys are “regular” My boys are beyond Slim. S-K-I-N-N-Y) I will be on the lookout at a local church’s “outgrown” sale for slims that have the little thingy inside that can make them even more slim!

On the subject of clothes, my children don’t know what it’s like to shop with Mommy and have to go to the fitting room and try on outfit after outfit. They see me bring out tubs of hand-me-downs or go to a place like Mrs. Kinkelaar’s house, and we try out things that way. I couldn’t imagine the cost of trying to clothe my children with new clothes. Nor do I see the necessity. At this age, they are so hard on their things–their shirts especially, my word, you should see what they do to their shirts! I just can’t see buying a $12 shirt when I can get it for $1 or $2 used but in good condition. Maybe $3 if it’s Gap or The Children’s Place.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention the 2nd time I went out on Sunday. Bennett’s glasses broke, so down to the mall we went. Thank You God, again, that we are still under their 1 year warranty. It was 75% cost, so only $24.98. Last time when Catie’s broke, it was $139. Yikes!

Yesterday, between cramps and a GI thing, I just laid on the couch and felt like death. Pretty much all day. What a waste. But today, TODAY! We are back to the land of the living. And grocery shopping is first up! And does anyone know someone who I could hire to do laundry???

So you see, there is a REALLY DARN GOOD reason I just couldn’t blog. But it certainly gave me fodder for today!


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