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This week is Vacation Bible School at a local church. Our church is WAY too small to have one, so we have opted to go to the closest church (it’s Catie’s preschool as well). They are a wonderful church, extremely friendly and always welcoming. We visited there a few times, but I found the sermons to be a bit “fluffy.” We weren’t (and aren’t) looking for fluff, but to be challenged each week.

But they do a great job on VBS. This year they handed out a CD of the songs they are singing before and after. Oh my. Hearing “Jesus to the Rescue” and “Jump” and “God’s not Dead!” over and over ad infinitum has been shall we say, somewhat on the not fun side of the spectrum. However, they are having a blast and singing, so I’m not going to whine. Much. 😀

Oh, and WHAT IS THE DEAL with having VBS at NIGHT??? When I was growing up it was always during the day, and pretty much always in the morning. It gave the mothers a break. I can only guess that there are so many working moms these days that they wouldn’t have much attendance. Still, it makes me just a tad grumpy, but man, would I LOVE to have two hours to myself, all the while knowing that my kids were learning about God in our nation’s history.

My mom came over for an impromptu visit. While wonderful and terrific and awesome to actually SEE my mom in person, which I haven’t done since mid-June-ish, it meant I didn’t get a whole lot done. The living room is straightened, which will thrill my husband to no end. He doesn’t get a tidy living room all that often, poor guy.

The kids are picking up the playroom as I type. First they pick up six things. Then five. Then four, then three, then two and finally one. I couldn’t say pick up 21 things because that would be overwhelming, but small increments they understand and can do. And 63 things get picked up each session!


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