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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I just took a picture of the desk I’m sitting at. It will serve, most awfully, as the “Before”. It’s really pretty bad. Could I have put more adverbs in that sentence??

I’m still getting settled back into the house. Most everything is unpacked and I even put the suitcases away! Oh, yeah, side story: I either broke a toe or really badly bruised it putting them away. I missed the bottom two steps to the basement and WHAM. OUCH! It’s on my right food, the little piggy who had none. It’s purple and blue and swollen and looks awful. Am I willing to spend $100 to find out at the ER whether it’s broken? No. Nor am I even willing to spend the $15 dr office copay to find out because let’s be honest, they can’t do anything about it anyway! They’ll tape it or leave it alone, tell me to take some Advil if it hurts and let me go my merry way. So I thought I would self-diagnose and do everything but the taping because I hate stuff on my toes. I’m weird that way.

So, I’m going to stop typing and take 15 minutes to start tackling my desk. Can’t wait to see the after pictures! 😀


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