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My parents married young. But they “couldn’t have children”, adopted two, and then ended up having me in their mid-30’s. Their parents all died young. I had a grandfather for one month, who I obviously don’t remember, and a grandmother for 5 1/2 years that I remember only a little.

Jim’s parents married young and had him young (Jim’s dad was 19!). When I married into his family, I inherited two intact sets of grandparents, a FIL and two MIL’s (divorce and remarriage), both of whom I adore.

Back in December we lost Jim’s maternal grandfather. Two days ago, we lost Robin, his stepmom, to lung cancer. Jim called me up at Hershey to tell me. That was a rough night.

Robin was only 51. She and I got along very well. Although they lived in South Carolina and we rarely got to see them, we emailed and phoned. Robin loved the Lord. She was Catholic, fairly devout from what I could tell. When she was diagnosed in January with Stage 4 cancer, she didn’t question. She accepted. Her journey was one of grace and peace. She knew where she was going. Because of that fact, I have had a much easier time with this than I might have. I lost a friend here on earth, but I have every confidence that I will see her again in heaven.

And she’s gotten to meet Connor. THAT gets me every time I think about it.

I’ll miss you, Robin.

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