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Hershey Park

Yes, a NON FEEDING post! The family came UP this weekend instead of Ethan and me going home. Yesterday we went to the Chocolate Factory (YUM!), a trolley ride around Hershey and then did a preview of the park, where we did all the kiddie rides. We didn’t get to bed until almost 11, which is incredibly late for the kids (and me, too!)

Today we slept in a bit, thank goodness, and went to the water park section of Hershey Park. We were there for about 3 1/2 hours. I’ve been totally wiped out all day from the rotten night of sleep (6 people in one room is not conducive to a good nights’ sleep!) and then being so active in the water, plus Ethan being difficult. He’s been so great these last three weeks that I sort of forgot how hard he can make outings.

We’re supposed to go to Dutch Wonderland in two weeks. Can I just tell you how much I DON’T want to go in the heat?? Oh my word, I Do.Not.Do.Well. in the heat! I can handle cold, but heat just literally shuts me down. It was somewhere between 92 and 96 today. Not sure what the “real feel” was when you factor in the humidity. Since Jim and the kids left I’ve just stayed inside.

There is a young Muslim boy here with his family. We were chatting earlier and I asked him about his “omi”, which is apparently what he calls his mother. I asked him what language it was and he said Arabic (gee, surprise!). I then proceeded to knock his socks off by saying the little bit of arabic that I still remember from when I went to Morocco in 1989. I can still say thank you, you’re welcome, maybe, praise the Lord, and the first two lines of the Our Father. I might even be able to write my name in arabic if I really tried. Impressed??? I specialize in knowing a tiny little bit of lots of languages.


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