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Hi From Hershey

This is just a flying visit because somehow I got my room to hook up (previously only had enough signal down in the common rooms). Things are going well here–Ronald McDonald House is amazing…food is terrific, people are very nice (both staff and guests) and the beds are sleep number, which I’m trying to get used to. Ethan didn’t fall asleep until after 10 last night, but went down around 9:10 tonight.

His first day at Hershey went great. We love his therapist, Kathy. She worked with him 10 minutes on, 15 minutes off, which equaled 12 times total today from 9 until 4:30, plus an hour off for my lunch break. It’s actually very tiring sitting around all day except when you get up every 15 minutes to go watch someone else feed your child.

worked on licking pudding off a spoon that was on the side of his mouth (putting his tongue on the side instead of only in the middle)
worked on drinking (ingested 11 ounces, an unheard of amount!)
worked on putting a piece of dry, crisp food (i.e. apple jack cereal or pb cookie) between his teeth and bringing the teeth down on it, but not biting thru–I think she’s going to try that tomorrow.

Already she is confident that he’ll be off the tube by the time he leaves! Not kidding. She was THAT happy with how he did today!

There’s another little girl, same age, same gestation of 25 weeks (twin), that’s here. She had to take ONE bite of whatever was on her plate, go away and come back again in four minutes. ALL DAY. They did something like 50 tries with her over the course of the whole day. Her poor mother did nothing but get up and sit down over and over. blink.gif

I’m thinking the nausea from the previous post was actually nerves. I’d forgotten how sick I can get when I’m stressed–haven’t been that stressed without Prozac since the kids first came home. I felt fine this morning and all day. I bought saltines just in case, though! 😀

Jim and I got Skype to work, so I got to see the kids and him this evening and they got to see Ethan and me via our webcams. It was totally geekily cool!

I think that’s it. I’m going to start getting ready for bed….lights out at 10 with the understanding that I will probably have a difficult night like last night–I woke up a TON with a weird bed and the a/c going on and off and just a new and different place. I’m SO GLAD this is going well!


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