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11 Rooms in 26 Days?

Left on the List:
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Dining Room

Now, the kitchen really just has to be mopped, and maybe have the oven cleaned if I’m really ambitious. Everything else is done. But I hate HATE mopping. The dining room, which is really the eat in part of our kitchen, but is separated by a peninsula of cabinets, required pictures being hung and yes, more mopping.

But the bedroom and bathroom…..low man on the totem pole because NO ONE ELSE SEES THEM. They are upstairs and no visitors ever go there. Not that Jim and I don’t deserve a nice room to sleep in, but as I said, low man on the totem pole. Which, if you think about it, is rather a heathen phrase, but oh well. If I don’t get to the bedroom other than changing the bed, well, my heart is not broken! I doubt Jim’s will be, either. Now, the bathroom….UGH. Why is hair so attractive on one’s head and so disgusting on the floor or the wall? And why does my hair STICK TO THE WALL?? It must fly off during hair drying and the force of it just makes it stick? Who knows?!

I’ve never done this before, but I saw the most hilarious YouTube video today. I’m going to try to embed. Here goes…..

(It’s an Engineer’s Guide to Cats. Having a BIL with three cats, who also is an engineer, made this even more funny.)

(Deep breath) ANYWAYS, as I posted below, I took all four kids to the store today. Not of my own free will, but because I had no other option. Ethan sat in the front kid-thingy and the others trailed behind, beside, in front, around, and generally got in the way. However, on a good note, they met several people we knew–from their elementary school or preschool. That’s a fairly common occurrence at the local Wal*Mart. But thrilling for them, nonetheless. Ok, for me as well, because it made them happy. Happy children are obedient children. Whenever we got out en masse, I always ask them if they are going to be monkeys or ladies and gentlemen. While they respond the latter, it pretty much always disintegrates into the former.


Arg. Catie just put her now-dirty glasses right up to my face. Before my nasal surgery a few years ago, I probably would have been ok with that. But ever since then, I have this phobia with things being SHOVED INTO MY FACE. Ok, you get it.

Wow. This is getting long. Sorry! I have a few quiet moments and wanted to share my day. 6 days left until Hershey and counting!


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