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2 Weeks Left

Two weeks from now I will be at Hershey, well, ok. I will be at the Ronald McDonald House down the street from Hershey! It’s getting close enough that it’s starting to get “real”. I have to start putting down the mental lists I’ve been making. I have to start thinking in terms of reality instead of “oh, down the road in the far future when we finally go” It’s 14 days now. We’ve submitted a request for one meal a week from our church family. I’ve made a general 4 week meal plan for Jim to follow (easy enough for him to make or pick up the food).

School ends in two days. I’m of two minds, as with most things. On the one hand, no more getting up at 6 to get everyone up and out the door on time, no more lunches or snacks to make (!) in the morning, that is, and no more worrying about homework and library books. But then, we’ll have 14 hours of children awake at home and getting on each others’ nerves. Oh joy.


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