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Den/Office/Ethan’s Room

Yesterday was one of the more dreaded of the cleaning/organizing jobs. I knew it was going to get really bad before it got better. And Rats! I should have taken pictures! It was a dramatic before and after!

This room is referred to by all the names in the title (and yes, that was a passive sentence!). My oversized desk is in it, as are two bookcases fairly stuffed with both books and the kids’ art supplies. Then there’s the bureau/changing table for Ethan, Ethan’s pump, and his bed. Not to mention the diaper pail and laundry basket for the boys, and a decent sized (but awkwardly shaped) closet. If and when Ethan “graduates” from night feeds we will probably move him upstairs, but that’s a different post for another day.

Yesterday I:

Moved the old filing cabinet out of the closet for Freecycle.
Rearranged and organized the shelves, condensing and cleaning out old linens and decorations for Freecycle.
Put everything from the floor and my desk onto Ethan’s bed so I could go thru it.
Matched up empty jewel cases with either kid CD’s or kid CD-ROM’s. Put them away in their respective places.
Cleaned off the shelf above my desk.
Filed all the kids’ art projects that we are keeping in their memory boxes.
Filled out their “This was my school year” books.
Separated the remaining paperwork into “kids” or “my” stuff to be filed today.
Put stuff on Freecycle–people are coming today to pick stuff up, thank goodness!
Took care of the children because I kept them home due to the excessive 100 degree heat (NO A/C at Bennett and Laura’s school and not–very-well-functioning A/C at Ethan’s).
Washed, dried and folded (but not away yet!) Boy laundry.
Watched Hell’s Kitchen.
Stayed up late to finish Ethan’s feeding because Jim worked late and wasn’t home to take him down.


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