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That Tiny Room in Heaven

I grew up in a Baptist church. It was a good, Bible teaching church; there wasn’t hell and brimstone yelled at us, but it didn’t support a “social gospel” either. It gave me a good biblical foundation, as well as some terrific bible verses implanted forever in my brain (in the King James Version, of course!). However, I will say something importantly negative about it. It taught me that Baptists were Right. Not different. Right. That was a fallacy that I have struggled with a long time. I finally came to a place where all the protestant denominations were fine with me–they were all equal in teaching Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit–just doing it differently.

And then God started challenging me with those heretics, Catholics. I mean, don’t they just sin and sin and then go and say 15 Hail Marys and 5 Our Fathers and everything is fine and dandy? Don’t they put Mary up there with Jesus? Don’t they view the Pope as just a little bit better than the average person instead of all of us being priests?

In reading Lisa Samson’s books , clearly written by a Catholic, and yet completely RIGHT ON in theology, God really started speaking to my heart. Couldn’t Catholicism be in that “different” category as well? I’ve read blogs, especially Et Tu? written by Catholics that clearly show a heart for God AND Jesus as well as actually living out what the Bible says. If I didn’t think it would freak out Jim totally, I might even consider going to a mass and just seeing what’s what.

I think I keep trying to put God in a box and He refuses to let me. Thank goodness!

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