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End of Day 2

I would call this day a success, even if I didn’t get EVERYTHING accomplished that I thought I would.

1. Every single scrap of girl clothes washed, dried, folded and PUT AWAY (holy cow!).
2. All winter-type clothes away in bin, all summer clothes put into outfits and into drawers
3. Went to WalMart to try and find a few tops/bottoms to match some hand-me-downs that didn’t match anything. Two matches, two still lonely.
4. Everything off the floor. Man, it’s amazing to see their floor.
5. All books from Bennett’s floor into a laundry basket. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it’s overflowing. The child reads every night after bedtime and hides them under the bed.
6. All winter-type clothes away in bin, all summer clothes into drawers (boys clothes don’t really come in outfits like girls do!)
7. Pick up a few shirts at WalMart for the boys as well. They are having an amazing “clean out the store” sale while they are remodeling. Awesome!
8. All dirty clothes into a pile (two trips down the stairs for Bennett) and a too-small pair into a bag for the school, along with some clothes from the girls. The nurse needs clothes for the kids who have accidents. Since Laura made ample use of this service this year, I thought I would donate (gratefully) to the cause.
9. Bennett picked up all of his school papers that he can’t bear to part with.
10. Ugly, Huge, Old chest from Jim’s childhood moved from the closet to our bedroom, hopefully on its way out of the house (or at least to the basement!) It took up valuable real estate.
11. All the matchbox cars, “chairs” game, miscellaneous items put into bins and away. We can also see his floor.

What DIDN’T get done: Getting the books downstairs and vacuuming. Quite frankly, I’m too tired! Since I did two rooms (plus continuing to straighten up the pit of a living room), I’m not feeling guilty about it.


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