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11 Rooms in 25 Days

My house has 11 rooms in it, not including the stairs and hallway or the basement.
First Floor
Dining Room
Den/Office/Ethan’s Room
Play Room
Powder Room
Living Room

Second Floor
Girls’ Room
Bennett’s Room
Hall Bath
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom

It is my goal to tackle each of those rooms in such a way that when I leave for Hershey, all Jim has to do is maintain what I’ve done instead of clean. Now, I can’t control the messes the kids will make–that’s up to him to get them to clean it up. However, they WILL be at camp all day long, so that will definitely help.

So far, as of today, I’m halfway thru the living room and have finished the hall bath. I still have to “catch up” (hahahahahaha) on the laundry (a losing proposition at best), and do my regular stuff, but I really think I can do this. I know Jim would be thrilled. It would be nice to not only leave a clean house, but also come home to one on the weekends.


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