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A Regular Week

Since all the insurance stuff is finished, I’ve actually settled back into a normal existence–one where my life does not revolve around the phone and who I need to call and argue with. Can I express how grateful I am that I am finished with it?? I have a little less than 5 weeks until Ethan and I head out, and I’ll be spending that time catching up with the house, getting organized so as to make it easier on Jim, cleaning and laundry, the normal things of life.

You know, instead of cleaning ladies, they should make a service where someone comes in and does laundry–gather, separate, wash, dry, fold and put away. I’d pay big bucks for that!

Catie has become a TV-aholic. Now that she’s home all day, she can watch what she wants (within reason, of course!). Right now I hear Handy Manny in the background. He’s one of the less annoying shows out there. A few words of Spanish tossed in for educational value, as well as the teamwork methodology.

I’m not-so-patiently waiting for DirectTV to show up and install our new satellite. Man, I hate typing that word. It feels like it should have two t’s instead of 2 l’s! Anyways, we’ve had Dish Network for almost two years and want to go with one we can bundle and therefore save money on. By switching we’re going to save $302 for the first year. After that, I’m not sure. But hey, $302 works for me!

The Strawberry Festival is this weekend. This will be our 2nd year attending. It’s one of few things we do as a vacation-type thing. Maybe next year we’ll go somewhere….it will depend on Ethan, I guess. Dutch Wonderland is the other big thing we do. LOVE that place! Anyway, the Strawberry Festival is a lot of fun and food. Ethan’s not overly fond of it, but everyone else has a blast.

Ah, DirectTV just got here. I’m so glad Jim decided to stay home until the guy came. He’s definitely the technical guru in the house. We’re both geeky, but he’s a super geek.


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