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How to Touch a Mommy’s Heart

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. I plan on getting up, attending church, coming home, RELAXING, having a cookout and going to bed. That’s it. I’m sure my children will conspire to give me some cards and/or drawings and/or presents. One has already done it. Ethan came home yesterday with a wrapped box. I opened it (yes, a few days early, get over it!) and inside was a beautiful necklace–sterling silver with a heart. The little package said $37.99. I happen to know that Boscov’s is having a great sale, so I was hoping it was less than that. Thankfully, I found the sales receipt under the packing and it was $6.99 plus tax.

Ethan bought it with his own money. That he earned. At school. Working every Tuesday. He gets $.50 each week. For working. His teacher set this money aside and they went shopping together. With money he earned. By working. My SIX YEAR OLD BLIND SON WORKED FOR ME. For about 14 weeks. Oh.My.Goodness!

How amazingly incredibly humbling is that????


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