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Thoughts on Having a Larger Family

We went out to dinner last night. All six of us. That would be the, hmm. third time I think that we’ve done it. It was, by far, the best time. The kids were well behaved, didn’t yell or run around, and only two needed to go to the bathroom while we were there. Ethan only touched one person that wasn’t in our family (and she was very gracious about it, thank goodness!) Plus, they liked AND ate their food! Kudos to Chili’s for their kid-friendly menu! 🙂

Anyways, while we were there I was facing the door, so I naturally noticed the people coming in. With one or maybe two kids. Usually one. Consistently. We were easily the largest family there. It was an odd feeling. I pointed it out to Jim who asked me what I thought it would be like to only have one. I couldn’t picture it. We never had that “oldest” child thing. Ok, Laura was home from the NICU for two weeks before her brothers joined her, but that doesn’t really count!

I may gripe–in my head or out loud–about the amount of children that God granted us, but I can’t imagine life without them. Bennett, my deep thinker and sweet love. Laura, my strongwilled one, who constantly challenges me, but who also has a tender heart and a friendly and kind disposition. Ethan, my snuggle-bunny and comedian, who has incredible rhythm and loves music. Catie, our unexpected blessing, who is friends to all and has a special place in her heart for Ethan (which touches me so much!). Connor, whom I will see in heaven some day, thanks be to God. These are my blessings. I can’t help feel that families that choose to have only one child, for whatever reason, are missing out on so much. I always say that “this is not the life I expected” or would have chosen, had I had the choice. But God has blessed us so much! I hope that I keep that more in the forefront of my brain instead of the negatives!


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