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Menu Plan Monday

Ha! I finally was able to get the Mr. Linky to work! Whew!

Menu planning is one of my anal-retentive things. I have an excel spreadsheet, well, ok, I have one for every month of the year and I have them going back to 2003. The first column is the Date, the second is the Day of the week and the Third is what we’re going to have. That way I can look back and see what I had last April and see if anything inspires me (or the opposite–Oh! we hated that!). Anyway, these days our week-days tend to look the same week after week because of the narrow menu the kids will eat. Yes, I just admitted that. But if YOUR kids were as varied in their picky-ness (and texture issues from being preemies) you, too, might have the “Standard Tina Menu” (a quick note: I use R for Thursday. My college did that for scheduling purposes and it just stuck. I love that I don’t have to write Th. One letter is easier!)

M Spaghetti and meatballs, salad and/or carrots
T Eggs and Toast, fruit
W Hot Dogs, mac’n’cheese, carrots
R Chicken fingers, biscuits, salad and/or carrots
F Take Out
S Chicken fajitas
S Steak on grill, potatoes, green beans

Pretty much every M, T, W look the same. And most Fridays I don’t cook, thanks be to God! You’ll notice that the vegetables are fairly consistently carrots. That is the most recent change in our lives. Instead of HATING, DREADING AND GENERALLY DESPISING dinner time with all its fighting and tears (not kidding, folks), Bennett now only has to eat carrots during the week. However, on the weekend he must try one of whatever vegetable we are having. It has massively cut down on the stress. Yes, there is still fighting and sometimes tears, but not about vegetables. It just wasn’t worth it!


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