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Oh, how I LOVE decluttering!! Leigh Anne, one of the blogs I read, got into her corner cupboard and decluttered it. I have to do this about once every year or so. Yes, even one who is a professional organizer needs to stay on top of stuff like the corner cupboard! I told her I thought that the contents propagate in the dark. So I took her challenge today. It took about 25 minutes total from taking the “Before” picture to the “After” picture.


And my, was there a lot up there! The top shelf is where I keep my Christmas mugs and cups. I’m SHORT (5′ 1 1/2″) and literally never use the top shelf. Jim uses it for that huge measuring cup. That’s it. So other than taking some of the non-Christmas mugs out, I pretty much kept it the same. But the other two shelves….well! This was what was in them!


See that clear plastic basket thing? It was FULL to Bursting with lids. Of items I have never needed used lids with. Recycle!! I Freecycled a bunch of the smaller bowls because my kids are getting older and need larger bowls for cereal and snacks. Got rid of two of the plastic water bottles and put two of the others in the sink to be washed. Freecycled four of the measuring cups that I never use. (kept three) and a lot of the other misc smaller-kids stuff. WooHoo!

Here’s the finished product:
The first shelf is only actively used kid plates and bowls, as well as the baby food grinder (for Ethan–maybe by the end of the summer we can get rid of that?!), a tupperware salad dressing maker thingy and a funnel that just doesn’t go anywhere else.

Second shelf is my storage containers. The clear plastic basket has the lids that I really do use. Off to the left are my measuring cups.

Ahhhh. I can breathe again!


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