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Upchucking Emotions

Yeah, that would be me. I went to counseling again. She actually made me cry. In a good way. I’m not fond of crying other than in complete privacy, so that wasn’t much fun. But hey, I’m making progress. No, wait, Progress, people, with a capital P! I know some of why I get mad, and am supposed to start replacing those internal negative voices with good, positive ones. I’ve started the tapes today already “See, you’re excellent at the doctor’s office! Very patient with the drama. And you thought to bring up the lack of meat-eating thing! Which led us to find the low-iron thing. Way to go!” I won’t go into the voice-track it’s replacing, but it’s not very nice, trust me.

Catie had her 5th year well check up today. No shots, thank goodness. However, in discussing her lack of meat eating with the doctor, we decided to test her blood for iron. She is an 11, which is the lowest they accept. So when I go grocery shopping next, I’ll be picking up a new multi-vitamin with iron in it. I’m glad I thought to bring it up!

Tonight is Jim’s company party. It’s one of the cooler parties I’ve gone to; they hire a gambling company that provides tables, has dealers that teach you how to play while you’re playing, and you don’t use real money. And you can win some pretty amazing prizes like Playstations or DVR’s. And then there’s the prime rib for dinner. I went out to find a blouse and scored not only it, but a skirt, a pair of dress pants and stockings for $41 total. WooHoo! Peebles was having a very good sale.

Although standing in front of that mirror was rather unpleasant, but hey, we’re not going to focus on the negatives right now, are we??? LOL!


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