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If I haven’t stated so before, I have three kids (the triplets) that all have yearly meetings with teachers/therapists/etc to decide their educational fate for the upcoming year. Two are called IEP (Individualized Education Plan) (Laura and Ethan) and one is a 504 (Bennett). Bennett’s is different because his needs are purely physical, not educational. I had Laura and Bennett’s meetings last week and Ethan’s today.

All are on the intense side, as we truly are planning the next 12 months (minus the summer for B&L) of their lives and what services they will need, the goals they should accomplish and how they should accomplish said goals. Laura is doing better and will not need occupational therapy next year and will have her O&M (orientation and mobility) services increased BECAUSE SHE IS DOING GREAT and CAN HANDLE MORE! Whew! Bennett is also graduating from OT and will only have a personal aide now to help with his issues.

Ethan’s IEP took over an hour. He will be getting less PT because he’s doing better gross-motor-wise, but increasing his O&M because he’s falling behind his peers. 😦 Then I had an hour long discussion with the school psychologist, who is completely “on the fence” about whether Ethan has PDD/Asperger’s or not. I don’t know, either. I can see some of the things he does as being because he’s blind, or because of his brain bleed early in life (Grade III/IV IVH for those who know about such things), or just odd quirks. I can also see that it indicates some sort of autism spectrum problem. I’m not in a hurry for a diagnosis. I want him to take his time and be SURE about what he decides.

After meeting with him, I visited Ethan’s class and talked with his teacher. LOVE HER! I really hope they keep E in her class next year. Not that the other teachers aren’t awesome too, but I love the continuity that it gives him. She has kids from 6 to just-turned-9 in her class. He is absolutely FLOURISHING in her room. I LOVE OVERBROOK SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND! Seriously, if you have a visually impaired child in the Philadelphia area, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s an amazing school.

After that, I picked up Catie from MumMum’s house, drove home and crashed. IEP’s exhaust me!


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