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Get ‘Er Done Kind of Day

Today is one of those days where I am putting my nose to the grindstone and just DOING. We all have those days. Just like we all have days like yesterday where I accomplished next to nothing. Hence today! Laundry, paperwork, the budget, phone calls to the dealership about the van, straightening up, feeding the kids (well, ok, that did happen yesterday)….my to do list is a lot of checked off boxes.

Ethan is 7 days into his 10 day Easter Vacation. The stress is starting to take its toll. He has at least one total melt down per day where he just needs to lay down on his bed and calm himself down. Tears for no reason (that I can discern) are also at least once per day. I love my son. He’s a funny little guy and a lot of fun to be with when he’s cheery. But he needs the structure and constant challenge that school provides. Breaks are very hard because he gets very bored. VERY bored. Come on, Monday!!


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