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So I went to Counseling

And while driving home the 6 odd minutes it takes to get from her office to my home, I felt like I had vomited a lot of emotion and history into her lap. Seriously. That’s how it felt. I have homework, which is amusing to my husband. When I get angry, I have to stop (which is a Good Thing), write down the situation that is causing the emotion, and the level of intensity. I have to come up with levels. I thought I would share them with you (I had to use MS Word’s thesaurus for a little help!)

Irritated: Whichever child you are, you are getting on my nerves. Please stop.
Annoyed: Whichever child you are, WHY do you continue to get on my nerves? CEASE!
Upset: Whichever child you are, I’m starting to lose my temper.
Mad: Ok, kid, now I’m mad.
Livid: I’m yelling. Screaming, actually. Charming, aren’t I?

At next week’s appointment we will see if there is a common thread with all the situations. I can guess that they will include either a child or a spouse, but that’s purely conjecture on my part.

Oh, and about that Spouse, he can make me laugh more than anyone else in the world. That’s one of the things I fell in love with lo, those many years ago. Do I tell you this story? Who will be more embarrassed? Him? Me? You?

Ok, I’ll tell you. I have this thing (and I’ve told you all before I’m quirky, so don’t pretend to be shocked). I like to pull out his belly button fuzz. I know, I know! I’m weird. But there it is. I do it and he rolls his eyes (though I think he secretly likes it). Anyway! Last night we’re snuggled up watching Amanda Overmeyer get kicked off Idol (which shocked us both!), and I lifted his shirt a tiny bit to get out the fluff. I showed him and then threw it out in the trash can. He said, (and don’t you love him?) “Hey, there might have been a Who in there!” !!!!!

Which totally made the vomit feeling go away.


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