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Mary vs Martha

It’s my informal observation that Mary’s marry Martha’s. No, I’m not talking lesbians! I mean the biblical reference of Jesus’ friends. See, He came to visit his friends. They ate together and then he visited with them. Only, Martha felt like she needed to clean up the kitchen while Mary sat and listened to Jesus. Martha, the martyr, complained to Jesus about Mary the Slacker. Instead of being on her side, He got on her case, saying Mary had chosen better!

I’m a Martha. Jim is a Mary. Every Sunday this is driven home to me. After church, my main goal is to get the kids from Jr. Church, corral them and get them out the door and home for lunch. Jim’s goal is to visit with the church family and build relationships. See the difference? I’m a Martha. He’s a Mary. And we actually married each other! 🙂

I read a blog today, One Thing, who’s subtitle is: trying to find the Mary buried in the Martha. I LOVE that! I have the capability to build relationships and connect with people. I just have to get past my love of getting things done.

On a side note, I’ve had two very good temper days. Even with Ethan, with whom I struggle the most.


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