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Getting Stuff Done

I’m currently being held hostage by my husband. He’s taking his shower in the middle of the day and I CAN’T DO LAUNDRY!! Or I COULD do it, but I’m too nice to do that. Why in the world do the manufacturers of homes make it so that flushing a toilet makes someone get scalded, or doing laundry makes them freezing? I don’t get it.

We’re having friends over today, so the house looks terrific. All three rooms of the “Ultimate Trifecta” are done. When my Kitchen, Living Room AND Play Room are clean, well, All is Well With the World! It rarely happens unless we are having company, but it’s so nice to enjoy those few moments of neatness. And when it’s Christmas or Easter and family is over for the “big” visit, and the WHOLE HOUSE is clean–Whoa!

I admit it. I’m great at the big gesture of cleaning on a grand scale. Keeping up with the kitchen counter, or sweeping the kitchen floor daily or even having my laundry up to date seems to be beyond me. It’s just not me. I’ve gotten better–many nights my sink is “shiny” ala FlyLady, but many nights it’s piled high with dishes and the dishwasher is full of clean dishes. And the counter top is full of paperwork and cereal boxes and the general effluvia of our lives.

That’s why I make such a good professional organizer. I’m not perfect and don’t expect others to be, either!!

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